Physiotherapy Services

Clinic One is dedicated to working with people affected by injury, ageing, illness or disability. 

All physiotherapy begins with an initial assessment, this will identify a problem list, and your goals, which determine your personalised treatment plan.




Initial Assessment

30 mins

The process of initial assessment relies on a thorough subjective assessment of the history of the complaint and the present condition before the objective assessment can begin. Objective assessment relies on pain provocation testing to determine the causes of pain. These tests are used to form a treatment plan with your goals in mind.


Physiotherapy treatment 

30 mins

Targeting your problem area through mobilisation of  nerve, joint, connective and muscle tissues. You can expect to receive a variety of modalities suitable to your diagnosis, to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Joint mobilisation
  • Electro Therapies
  • Soft tissue manipulation and massage
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Taping and Joint stabilisation
  • Nerve mobilisation and release
  • Home exercise plans

Physiotherapy for multiple body areas

60 mins

Many complaints left untreated will cause a degree of compensation in movement and function, and can create secondary problems. Often it is the secondary problem that brings a person to seek assistance. 

If you have multiple body areas that need treatment, you may need a longer session to feel the benefits. 

It is advisable that you begin your treatment with a longer session so that you can receive thorough exercise instruction and self-care advice without compromising the time spent on manual interventions. 


Physiotherapy Package (single body area)

6x 30 minute sessions

Any long standing complaint of 10weeks or more, is likely to take some time to resolve. Most complaints begin to improve after the first few sessions, but are unlikely to fully resolve in less than 6 sessions. 

If you have a single body area of longstanding pain or disfunction, a package is the most cost effective way to proceed. At the 6 week point, you will know whether your complaint is improving, or if a more invasive medical approach is for you. 




Massage Therapies

30 mins

Many complaints require intermittent attention to prevent a problem reoccurring. In the case of spinal injuries, surgeries or muscular complaints, a regular check up and targeted massage can improve the long term benefits of treatment, and help you to progress your tolerance to aggravating factors (like work, sports...).


Deep Tissue Massage

45 mins

Sports and muscular injuries to large muscle groups often require a more invasive deeper massage treatment to prevent tightening around scar tissue. 

This is also helpful to athletes  preparing for events, and can speed up post event recovery.


Exercise progression

30 mins






Remote Triage Physiotherapy Assessment

30 mins





Research suggest that most complaints respond favourably to exercises in the first 10weeks, thereafter it is unlikely that exercises alone are effective. Every client can expect to receive exercises to assist with recovery, and this will also for a part of your treatment. 

Many complaints resolve, and the therapeutic exercises become unappealing and forgotten. After 2-4weeks, you will be ready for a progression to more challenging exercises to help turn a weakness into a strength. 


Access physiotherapy advice and therapeutic exercises from anywhere in the world. Most injuries respond well to exercises in the first 10weeks, and early intervention can prevent an injury from becoming chronic. Book a pre-arranged 30min text appointment with this service to discuss your problem list and goals, to help you identify and manage an existing condition.